Never in modern history has there been such a competition for resources. This competition will only increase over time. Orebodies are getting deeper and more complex. The cost of recovery is continually growing. Information has never moved faster and control of messaging is critical. Nationalism and citizen/worker rights are ever growing. Empowerment and ownership is now being demanded and realized by all stakeholders. Governments are as concerned about pacifying their citizens as corporations are about retaining their social license to operate.
Are you protected by your stakeholders? Is your production model sustainable? At AvaniResources, we do not single out business as the only bearer of sustainability efforts and social responsibility, we believe in engaging all stakeholders and creating good neighbors.
Positive impact comes from a commitment of all stakeholders, us, our partners, workers, families, the community, society, business, and government. Thus we help you build effective bridges to maximize the roles played by each stakeholder in understanding the sustainability of your product, and promoting it.