who_we_are AvaniResources was founded by a multicultural team with a passion for creating sustainable ecosystems and a unique ability to find solutions to problems. Our partners and consultants experiences are diverse, multidisciplinary and multicultural, which offers our clients an advantage in assessing the needs of their varied stakeholders.  Our founding members have advised companies and governments in policy, strategy, business performance management, market analysis, IT and operations in the USA, Europe, Africa, Australia and China. The team draws from its members commitment and participation in humanitarian and capacity development programs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East to provide sustainability strategy services with a global touch. Our business commitment: -We believe that transparency and ethics are the foundation of any working relationship. -We strive to establish sustainable relationships with our clients. We commit to working with you in order to uncover and activate the infinite possibilities of your business’s social success. – We work with you to ensure successful communication and community outreach strategies: It’s not just enough that your company is doing good, are you conveying your sustainability story effectively? – We support you in identifying and selecting socially and culturally relevant programs with critically needed local and global social, economic and environmental impacts. – We help you strengthen your stakeholders outreach, promote your good neighbor commitment and preserve your social license to operate. – We manage your digital PR presence and help you establish a sustainable social media image. – We work with you to monitor and assess your triple bottom line, produce and document the most accurate sustainability assessments, KPIs and reports, and we put in place systems that foster continuous improvements.